PCT/NZ2015/000017 Design Appl NZ 725252 AU 2015232047

We have three sizes of pop-out pods, 6 sqm, 16 sqm, & 30 sqm

Ideal for Tourist Accommodation, Glamping (all seasons), Emergency Housing, Extra accommodation, Offices, Kiosks, Studio and many more uses.

16 SQM
30 SQM
16 sqm being erected
30 sqm being erected
Interior Pics
30 SQM showing how the door works


INSULATION: NZ R Value 2.2 – 2.4 USA R value = 10

ASSEMBLY: Very quick to pop-out, few tools required

LIFESPAN: 50 years plus


STRENGTH: Rigid structure, handles high winds,

LOW COST: Very competitive pricing from $600 sqm

UNIQUE AWNING ENTRY SYSTEM: 1, Stays on the building when folded 2, flexible and tough Poly-carbonate windows 3, The wide awning formed keeps the rain out 4, half door bottom, can remain closed

COLOUR: Paint to suit your scheme, acrylic

SHIPPING: The dimension of the folded pod is 2.33 wide and will stack in numbers within container dimensions, depending on the model you can fit good numbers into a container for economical shipping.