Breezepod™ is the new housing revolution from New Zealand. It is durable, costeffective and weather proof.

Department of Building and Housing has approved our homes for use anywhere in New Zealand.

We manufacture the housing off-site, saving you valuable time. The main shell structure is easily assembled in a matter of hours.The building is 100% solid from the moment it is connected by our specially developed fixings. We lock each section together so strongly – that our buildings have been earthquake tested to 9.6+ on the Richter scale and cyclone tested to winds of up to 290 km/hr. We were blown away, yet our homes stayed put. We’re proud of the strength of our homes and know you will be too. Your free time should be enjoyed and not spent on maintenance. Now maintenance will no longer be an issue as Breezepod™ homes do not require any painting or plasterboard with the roof designed to last
a lifetime.