Breezepod founder, Charles Bree has over 20 years experience in Plastic manufacturing. Over the last few years he has developed a factory produced modular housing system that features several sizes .. small to large, 'Pods and (extended) Bungalow styles, Modern custom design options....Floor to ceiling glass (end wall) , Door / entry options.


Low maintenance, fully insulated....foam sandwich construction. Engineering specs for nationwide building consent. Hassle free connect to power, water, drains.


A sub $40,000 option for first home buyers..... Less than 1 month delivery time...........Options for : Garage, Storage, Kitchen, Bathroom, En suite, Pantry, Laundry ....10 year guarantee


16 Sqm, 27sqm = Extendable, Straight Panels


Square Base, 6 Sider, 8 Sider , All Extendable


All models can be sprayed with fibred or reinforced concrete can be painted to your colour scheme, camo etc. (water based paint) benefit of painting is it extends the life indefinately.

Floating Bases

Alternative Door / Entry Option

Picture List

Photo’s, 3d graphics, floor plans, panel pictures (components